Nice To Meet You, Let Me Introduce Myself

Welcome! Thank you so much for visiting Joyfully Made Market. My name is Kristin and I'm the owner and designer of Joyfully Made Market along with my husband Michael. In October of 2017, this little shop was born, originally known as Joyful House Creations. In 2020, we re-branded and re-designed our small business into Joyfully Made Market and we couldn't be more excited. I would love to introduce you to my amazing family, who all are instrumental in the growth of Joyfully Made Market. Mike and I have been married for 20+ years at the time of editing this. We have 6 beautiful children, yep 6. Our oldest, Michaela, is now 23, and in the beginning stages of our company she would make the daily package drop off at the post office, sometime in quite the long lines. Chase now 18 has learned the ins and outs of the wood shop, and was able to start saving for college, where he wants to become a firefighter like his grandfather. He is my "muscles" anytime I need them. Our daughters Riley and Rebekah are 16, and 15. They like to actually help fill orders, and are slowly learning different aspects of our little shop. They hope to one day take over for their mom. That brings me to our youngest two kiddos, twin 13 year olds, Conner and Shyanne. They are great at fetching things when I think I have everything and of course need that one something I'm always forgetting. Did I mention they love to market my little shop locally. Conner is always giving out little promotional items like pens to anyone who will take one (I really don't put him up to this), and Shyanne is a little sells lady. She has helped sell a bunch of my water bottles to all her little friends and teachers (its always gives me a little chuckle hearing her recount how the sale came about). They usually see hers and she is quick and proud to tell them how to get their own. Last, but far from least, my hubby Mike who is SUPER amazing in my opinion. He is so supportive, and my sounding board. In addition to operating Joyfully Made Market he is also the guy helping me out in the wood shop cutting wood, and putting frames together. He does this every evening and on weekends around his own job. In addition to Joyfully Made Market he owns and operates a survival training program Journey Survival Tactics and has written a survival book "A Journey In Survival". His many years as a Marine, and as a first responder and his time in the medical field has given him a love for all things survivalist and a passion to share that with the world. Now you know a little bit more about our little family and we thank you for being a truly valued customer and for supporting our small family business.


I'd love to hear from you. If you want to send me a message that would be great. You can email me at or you can follow us on social media, and we take messages there also. I hope you will be back for the next blog and in the meantime keep checking back, I'm always adding new products each week. If you have any requests, feel free to send me those also. 

Have a joyful week!