Applying Your Wall Decal Instructions and Tips

You’ve discovered vinyl decals for your home. These are an excellent choice because they are perfect for almost any place in your home you can think of. Some of my favorite places to put them around my home is on our walls, doors, appliances, mirrors, on trash bins, other storage containers (especially in the pantry), and so much more.
My top reasons for loving indoor vinyl decal decor is:
1) Typically, they are a cute money saver alternative to other decor options such as art or signs.
2) They can’t be knocked crooked or off the wall in tight spaces or high traffic areas (such as shown below in my tutorial).
3) They can be wiped clean as needed but need dusting far less frequently then other home decor items. 
4) They are easy to apply, and remove making a change anytime super easy and hassle free. 
I’d love to hear your favorite reasons you love our indoor vinyl decals.
Now, to why you started reading this post in the first place; the how to and tips of wall decal application.
Firstly, people often ask what do I need to apply my indoor decal. Simply, your decal and a firm applicator such as a credit card or firm squeegee but occasionally I hear “I don’t have these, or don’t want to use these, what else can I use?”. So for todays instructions I dug out a firm handled cooking utensil to show you can use pretty much whatever you have laying around the house. Here is what I’m using today. 

Ok, let’s not jump ahead now. 

Once you’ve gathered your application tool of choice and your decal we can begin.

I’m sure you know where you’d like to apply this, the instructions remain the same, but in today’s tutorial I am doing my small laundry rooms wall. It’s lightly textured and often people have concerns over whether they can apply it to their walls that are textured. Yes, it’s really simple.
First, if it’s been freshly painted your ready to go once the paint is fully dry. Otherwise, you will need to make sure the surface is clean and dust free with no residue. I recommend using rubbing alcohol on a microfiber cloth as other chemicals leave residues that can make it hard to clean. Make sure to not over saturate the surface to avoid liquids dripping and leaving an unsightly surface. 

Once the surface is completely dry your ready to create a level guide using a piece of painters tape about the size of your decal. You can use a level here to ensure your guide is completely straight, I eyeballed it however. 

You can remove the paper backing and then apply your decal (or decal pieces if it’s a rather large decal). I lightly stick them to the wall making sure to align them the same distance from my guide line to get a straight application. You can still lift and replace them until perfect at this point. Once I have the decal how I want it I then move to the next step. 

Now, I will burnish (aka rub firmly) over the entire decal. Using the tool I chose today was a lot like coloring, but if you use a credit card or squeegee you simply rub over the entire surface of the design, always firmly though. The vinyl part of the sign itself is the only part you need to make sure is really applied to the surface, the tape is about to come off and be discarded so you don’t need to rub the excess transfer tape. 

Now that I have it firmly on the wall (or other surface) I’m going to peel back the transfer tape slowly as shown in the image provided. If the decal lifts off the surface with the tape push it back down and repeat the previous step. If you get the transfer tape off but feel the decal isn’t firmly on the surface, don’t worry there are steps and tips at the end to fix that issue easy peasy. 
TIP: Pull the tape back slowly back against the surface like shown in these images. It reduces the pull on the decal itself. 

Now you can apply the rest of the decal design if you have any above it or below. I like to use the decal I just applied as the guide for the rest, but you can also use the painter tape guide as well. 
(Like the cute momma bear and cub in nature addition? If you purchase the Momma Bear Laundry vinyl decal from us, at checkout in the “comments” box leave a note mentioning this tutorial/instruction page and we will ship out the momma bear and cubs in nature portion at no extra cost to you)

Once it’s all applied like mine is here you can be finished if you feel you got it applied well. If your not sure, want to be safe, or know it has trouble spots you can use the following steps below to achieve that perfect finish. 

- I rub my hand and fingers over the decal to see how well it’s attached. My decal is well applied so I am done. 
- Take the paper backing we peeled off at the beginning and put it over the decal and reburnish, focus on the trouble spots. Once that’s done you’ll likely not need any further steps.

- If you have a  difficult surface or a lot of texture you will find taking a blow dryer to the decal and warming it will cause it to suction the decal to the surface really well. Then using the paper backing we pulled off earlier reburnish the warm decal really adhering that to the surface. 

Voila! Your finished. 

(See how small our walk space is? The decal is an excellent choice so it isn’t knocked off or bumped into as we come and go, but really adds a cute touch to the rather large wall)
You can wipe your decal clean as needed.
To Remove: Simply peel the decal off the surface. 
NOTE: If it’s been on the surface a long time, or in direct sun it may leave an outline where the paint hasn’t been affected by the time or sun, simply touch up paint that area with your house paint and your done. If you remove it and have no outline we recommend cleaning the surface with rubbing alcohol to remove any slight residue that may be left behind and is unseen.