Decal Application Help and Tips

MORE COMING SOON - We are working in creating videos and more detailed application instructions for a variety of applications. We want to offer a large variety of instructions and DIY project tutorials, and will be adding new content weekly. In the mean time we have created the following page to aid you in your applications.

Please note all orders are shipped with general application instructions as well.

One stop place (adding more content weekly) to find instructions on how to apply your decals to cars, drinkware, indoor wall decals, and much more. You’ll find tips to make application a snap in less the perfect conditions, and what to do when things don’t go as planned or ready for a change and need to remove your products. Below you’ll find step by step instructions that are included with every order, in addition to videos or links to additional, Q&A, and more. If you are looking for help and you can’t find it here we are happy to help, just send us an email with your inquiry to

Application Instructions 

( Can Also Be Found In Your Package)

1. Clean the area thoroughly with rubbing alcohol or soap and water. You want to avoid using windex or similar products because they do tend to leave a residue behind that can prevent the vinyl decals from adhering well. 

2. Prepare the decal for application by firmly tubing a squeegee or rigid credit card across the top of the transfer tape on top of the decal. This removes any air bubbles that may have formed and decal sticker to cling to the transfer tape. 

3. Turn the decal over face down and slowly peel back the decal sticker paper backing at an angle. If the sticker clings to the paper backing, slowly replace the paper backing and repeat step 2 over the area that didn’t release. 

4. Once paper backing is removed slowly lower the decal sticker onto the surface and firmly rub it in place using the same squeegee or rigid credit card. 

5. Slowly peel the transfer tape off the vinyl decal at an angle. Be careful not to pull the decal off the surface. If the sticker pulls away with the transfer tape repeat step 4. 

Tips For Any Vinyl Decal Application

(Outdoor or Indoor use)

• Air Bubble - Use a pin sewing needle to poke a hole in the center of the bubble and push the air out through the hole. 

• Cold Weather or Rough Surface - Use a blow dryer to warm up the surface. This will make application to the surface easier in any weather, but vinyl decals be a little more difficult to apply to cold or rough surfaces. 

• Use caution to not let the decal fold over on itself, as it will adhere to itself and will be unusable. 

• Larger decals can be cut into smaller pieces or sections and lined back together in the application processed making this easier for some people. 

• Straight Decals - To get your decal as straight as possible you can use painters tape to make a line for point of reference. Measure the area and double check the painter tape line you put down is straight and how you want it and then apply the decal above or below using the line as a reference point.


Decal Removal

When removing your vinyl decal it important to consider where it’s located or how it was used.

CAR WINDOW DECAL REMOVAL - You will use windex, or other liquid window cleaner to wet the surface generously. Using a razor blade at an angle you will scrap off the vinyl decal in pieces. Spray additional window cleaner as needed to keep the window wet while removing to prevent scratching the window. Once the decal is off you will wipe the window surfaces clean. See removal video coming soon.

CAR BODY OR BUMPER DECAL - We advise you to always have any decals or stickers applied to the bumper or painted portions of your vehicle to be removed by a professional. There are numerous videos on how to remove auto body decals on the internet but these methods can cause damage to the surface or paint. Please seek professional help from a auto body shop near you. The average price for a small car decal is $25-50 currently full wrap removal runs $50-$100. Unfortunately, we can not provide you any professional recommendations.

Wall Decal Removal

Indoor vinyl for walls, doors, appliances and more is easy to remove and requires no special tools or removers. When you are ready for a change simply peel the decal off the surfaces until it’s all off. On rare occasion walls or doors may need touch up paint upon removal but will not damage the surface of the door or wall. On appliances or similar surfaces you will clean the area with rubbing alcohol after removal to remove any possible residue that may (if any) remain.