How To Apply Your Vinyl Decal To Your Favorite Cup, Water Bottle or Tumbler

The most important step is choosing the right decal for your drinkware. Your going to want to make sure your using permanent vinyl (please see our permanent vs. removable vinyl page here). Never use removable vinyl, and it’s not recommended you use printed or peel and stick stickers since they don’t hold up as long, and most are not waterproof and will bleed or wash off, and best case they fade super fast leaving your cup looking awful. 

Your going to want to consider the size and space of the area you want to apply it. If you find a design you absolutely love but they don’t make it small enough for your area often you can reach out to the seller and they can make it to your requested size (you may even save $).
Pro Hint:  Keep in mind here at Joyfully Made Market we offer free personalized requests if you would like to add a name to your decal, this can be cut off from the bottom of the design and applied to the back for no extra cost to you. 
Now that you have your permanent vinyl decal in the size and design you want. Your ready to begin. 

1) Take your tumbler, mug, cup, water bottle etc and make sure it been cleaned. Take rubbing alcohol and clean the area the decals will go. Soap and other cleaners can leave a residue that we don’t want when applying he decals. 

2) Using a firm credit card or squeegee your going to rub aka burnish the transfer tape on top of the decal firmly. 

3) Flip the decal upside down and slowly pull the paper backing off. If any of the decal doesn’t stick to the transfer tape just put the backing back down, and reburnish the decal firmly. Repeat this until the paper backing is removed. (See notes at the bottom I. The event the decal won’t release from the paper, how to fix this using a sewing needle, toothpick or something similar). 

4) Now that the decal is stuck to the transfer tape you can apply the decal to your surface. Line it up exactly how you want it, once applied you will not be able to pull it off and reapply it, so use extra causation here. Once it’s where you want it you will again rub aka burnish firmly the top off the decal on top of the transfer tape.
5) Now your ready to pull off the transfer tape. It’s best to pull the tape back about a 180 degree angle or back against its self slowly. Should the vinyl deal want to lift up with the transfer tape push it back down and reburnish firmly again. Repeat till all the transfer tape is off…but your not done yet. 

6) Most people will tell you your done at step 5, and often that is suffice. However, we want your design to last and to be 100% positive you have the best adhesion possible. Your going to take a heat gun or blow dryer and quickly warm the decal up, maybe for 5-10 seconds, it’s pretty quick. Immediately take the paper backing and place over the warmed up decal and rub aka burnish the decal one last time. This step makes sure your decal is securely applied. Often after this step your drinkware could be even washed in the dishwasher, but due to the high heat steam in the washing and drying process it breaks down the adhesive over time so we still recommend hand washing drinkware with decals applied.

Now your favorite mug or water bottle is one of a kind and ready for use. We do recommend waiting 24-48 hours before washing after freshly applying your decal. 

Don’t forget to take a photo of your finished project, post it to social media and tag us in it! 

* If you find your decal won’t release from the paper backing we recommend taking a sewing needle, toothpick or similar item and gently slip it between the decal and paper backing just a little to help it release.