Permanent vs. Removable Vinyl

Often I get asked how do I know which vinyl is the best for the job?  The answer to this question always is “Tell me more about what your using it for”. There is a huge variety and quality of vinyl on the market, and believe it or not they are NOT all created equally. We at Joyfully Made Market only use the finest quality vinyl on the market but even so there is more to a job then just removable or permanent. For time sake I’m going to help you understand what you need for your project as simply as possible. 

Removable Vinyl
Removable Vinyl is a wall safe vinyl that is easily applied to smooth and lightly textured surface. It is also easily removable without damaging the surface underneath like sheet rock and plaster. It can be wiped clean. Easily removes by peeling it off with no need for chemicals or special tools.
Our removable vinyl is always a matte finish. 
Uses: Walls, Doors*, Windows**, Appliances, Mirrors, Furniture and more. 
Not recommend on doors with no porch cover/awning like a homes front door. If applying to glass we do
recommend permanent vinyl. 

*Can be used on wood, glass and metal doors, inside or outside, home use only.
** Windows are made of glass, and while it can be applied to glass we do recommend outdoor glass windows and doors to use permanent vinyl since it can be safely removed from glass anyway. 
Not recommended for vehicles, mailboxes, and any other outdoor uses.
Permanent Vinyl
Permanent vinyl does come in a variety of casts. This means they have vinyl for everyday uses outdoors such as your vehicles, mailboxes, tool boxes, windows, drinkware and more. If your wanting to use it for marine recreation vehicles there is a cast for that use, and so on. Joyfully Made Market uses the finest quality general outdoor use permanent vinyl. It has an outdoor rating if 7* years against fading, cracking and peeling. Keep in mind competitors may use an alternate brand which may not be equal in quality. Of course if you want to apply any of our designs to say your boat just contact use and we can help get the decal in the right cast for your specially use (additional
vinyl cost varies).

Permanent Vinyl Uses: Outdoors, windows, vehicles, wood signs, mailboxes, drinkware*, tool boxes, and more.

Not recommend for walls you may want to remove vinyl from as it may ruin plaster or sheet rock. Appliances that may get scratched in the removal process. This is not a complete list just some common places not to use permanent vinyl. 

*Drinkware with permanent vinyl applied should still be hand washed. 
Any of our vinyl can be used as stencils for DIY projects. 
For application instructions and tips please refer to our additional tutorials.